Speculative or Curious about Essential Oils?

Personally, I am not someone who chases fads and tries to keep up with the latest craze. I would call myself a busy wife and mom who is very dedicated to her family, always giving, giving, and giving with little time for herself. I find myself forgetting about the needs of my own being in many ways. I’d rather make sure my family is taken care of, and if I have any energy or time for myself, I will finally give in and take the moment.  I now thank the Lord for essential oils such as lavender to help relax me! 🙂

I am a curious sort of person, and when my curiosity is sparked by an issue, I start a full out investigation.

When hearing about essential oils for the first time, I thought it was interesting–a little speculative, but because my interests tend to surround the Bible, I let the interest in essential oils die. It wasn’t until my 17-year-old daughter told me that our youth pastor’s wife at church was having an essential oil party at her house. I enjoy visiting with other women, so I agreed. Shortly into the introduction of essential oils, our youth pastor’s wife stated this,

“Did you know that oils are mentioned 1,100 times directly or indirectly in Scripture? Did you know that 70% of the books in the Bible make mention of oil? There are even records of one of the oldest cultures using essential oils.”

Originally from Sarah Harnisch,
“Gameplan: The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver”

Now, this REALLY perked my curiosity, and my ears were open to listen to what she had to share!

The more she spoke, the more the curiosity grew in me, and the more I wanted to know more! Before the evening was through, I knew I was all in, because a new passion settled inside me. It just all made sense how God had an important purpose for essential oils, and the purpose was just not in worship, but its purpose included our health.

What should you expect then from Essential Oils for Your Health?

It should be a place to get educated about essential oils, to get tips and recipes, as well as to read unbiased research surrounding essential oils.

As a disclosure, I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. You probably have heard of other companies as well. After all, essential oils are popular.

Jen O’Sullivan, who is one of the most trusted resources for essential oil education with five best-selling books on aromatherapy states,

“Based on all my research and side-by-side testing, Young Living is by far the best. My testing conclusions are based on the pure, authentic aroma (I knew they were not pure if I got a synthetic headache from smelling them during testing) and their breadth and depth of action. These two are the most important in my quest for pure, medicinal-grade essential oils. So far, no one has even come close to Young Living.”

Jen O’Sullivan, “Vitality, The Young Living Lifestyle

Whether you want to just experience the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils or even desire to start your own business of distribution, I’d be happy to get you started.  No pressure.  I want to share with you my unbiased research I have done and continue to do with essential oils.  Please reach out and contact me if you have any questions!

Best regards,


Naomi McCollough, Independent Distributor

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Naomi McCollough

I love Bible prophecy! I love using essential oils!

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