Why Choose an MLM Company for Essential Oils?

There are many essential oil companies who can provide the highest quality and the purest of essential oils.

I am NOT going to write this article to convince you which company is the best.

Yes, I encourage you to choose an honest and transparent company and one that continues to make changes and continues researching. Find a company that does the necessary testing to ensure the highest quality and purest essential oils. Find a company who continues to communicate with their customers.

I am writing to convince you why to choose an MLM company.

Maybe you don’t want to sell essential oils, but you just want to use them. That is just fine. There is no pressure to sell or keep buying more with Young Living. An advantage of being part of an MLM company like Young Living is it gives you a “family” to reach out to for education and someone personal to reach out to when you have questions. That is where a Distributor like myself comes in. I have learned so much with my “family.” I have them as Facebook friends even. You also earn points with Essential Rewards which allows you to receive many essential oils for FREE! Young Living is very generous with their members!

What is an MLM company?

Multi-Level Marketing or also called Network Marketing has been a major source of residual income for over 8 decades.

There’s a thin line between a multi-level marketing company that offer value and companies that are only a pyramid scheme.   Companies who actually have products and services which a member can join to buy AND resell at a fair profit margin is NOT a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme will offer you nothing of the sort. Instead, it provides the hoax of a return on an investment when you recruit new members who do the same.

Consider watching the following short video called, “I still think it is a pyramid scheme…”

Check out Top 10 List Of Network Marketing Companies That Offer Reseller Program also.

Naomi McCollough,
Independent Distributor

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Naomi McCollough

I love Bible prophecy! I love using essential oils!

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