Does Thieves Oil Really Kill Germs?

Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Meet Dr. Annie Pryor!

My name is Annie Pryor. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Ohio State University.

Does Thieves oil kill bacteria?

Annie Pryor tested Young Living’s Thieves Oil Blend as well as other companies such as doTERRA’s On Guard, Ameo’s ProShield, Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter, and Plant Therapy’s Kidsafe Germ Destroyer.

Answer: From my results, all of these essential oils appear to kill bacteria. I tested On Guard, Proshield, and Thieves many times. If one of those is better than the rest, my experiments are not sensitive enough to detect the difference.

Dr. Annie Pryor, “Essential Oil Testing”

Go to Essential Oil Testing to read full lab testing report.

Can I mix OnGuard oil with water to clean the kitchen sink?

Answer: The On Guard mixed with water did not kill any noticeable amount of bacteria. I am certain that Thieves oil would generate the same results mixed with water and used to clean the sink. I am almost out of Thieves oil, so I did not repeat this sink experiment with Thieves. From this result and the countertop results, I conclude it seems like it is NOT a good idea to mix essential oils with plain water for cleaning. I also noticed that Thieves and ON Guard do NOT mix with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. They do dissolve in alcohol. I know that there are many other cleaning combinations people are using with essential oils. I would be happy to test more. So, email me your suggestions. 

Dr. Annie Pryor, “Can I mix OnGuard oil with water to clean the kitchen sink?”

Go to Can I mix OnGuard oil with water to clean the kitchen sink? to read full lab testing report.

Does diffusing essential oils kill germs?

Answer: My experiments show that the vapor from a diffuser with Young Living Thieves oil or do Terra On Guard oil does inhibit bacterial growth, but it won’t disinfect a whole room. 

Dr. Annie Pryor, “Does diffusing essential oils kill germs?”

Go to Does diffusing essential oils kill germs? to read full lab testing report.

Naomi’s Conclusion

Does Thieves Essential Oil Blend Really Kill Germs?

Yes, Thieves Essential Oil Blend kills germs – specifically, bacteria! It did an impressive job of killing bacteria!

Does it kill germs if you mix the oil blend with water?

No, not a lot. According to the results, it appears that DILUTED Thieves oil blend is NOT effective enough to kill enough bacteria to disinfect.

If you dilute Thieves for the purpose of getting rid of dirt, grease, and grime: Yes, it is an excellent cleaner! Use Thieves Household Cleaner. It is a concentrate, so you add water, and it lasts a long time!

Thieves Household Cleaner


To kills germs, I would choose another alternative rather than essential oils.


It would cost too much! Authentic undiluted essential oils are very expensive. You would need a lot of 5 mL bottles to disinfect the house! Any essential oil company’s compatible brand would have the same issue.

Naomi’s Suggestion

If you know there has been an illness in the home, start out with disinfecting hard surfaces with something that is known to kill bacteria such as bleach, peroxide, alcohol, aldehydes, and more.* Yes, you could use UNDILUTED Thieves essential oil blend; however, no one could clean their whole house with a tiny 15 mL bottle.

*See What Is a Chemical That Kills Bacteria Called?

How to effectively use Thieves essential oil blend.

When you are ill, place it on the bottom of your feet and along your spine. If you get Thieves Vitality, you can even ingest it as a dietary supplement. Just add 1-2 drops to hot lemon tea for example. Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils are labeled in white and all can be used as a dietary supplement. Thieves boosts the immune system.

Thieves Vitality

NOTE: Dr. Annie Pryor did not test for viruses. Please check out her full laboratory study findings. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I welcome feedback!

Naomi McCollough, Independent Distributor

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